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Voice of Hope: Dr. Hokehe Eko’s Leap from Introvert to "Introvator" (introverted innovator)

Season #1

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This episode delves into the heart of Dr. Hokehe Eko's personal and professional evolution as she navigates the challenges of being an introverted medical student and physician.

Facing the obstacles of medical school, including moments of doubt and external discouragement, Dr. Eko shares how she emerged stronger, learning to set boundaries, ask for help, and ultimately, find her voice. Her story is one of resilience and courage, highlighting the power of self-advocacy and the importance of speaking up, even when it feels impossible.

Discover how Dr. Eko, once a self-described introvert, defied expectations by starting her own podcast, 'Brain Power with Dr. Eko', and founding 'Kids of Hope', a nonprofit supporting foster children. This episode is a testament to the strength found in vulnerability and the transformative potential of opening up and embracing one's truth, offering inspiration to anyone on the journey of self-discovery and advocacy.


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