About the Physician Transformation Institute


Executive Summary


The Physician Transformation Institute 501(c)(3) organization, founded by Cheng Ruan, MD, his sister Diana Ruan, MD, and John Kelley, MD, is on a mission to reinvent the traditional role of doctors in the modern era. We recognize that the role of a physician in the 21st century needs to be fundamentally different from the status quo. We are dedicated to creating and embracing this new reality in light of the recent statistics of the rising global epidemic of physician burnout. Our aim is to empower physicians to take on transformative journeys and reimagined leadership roles within their communities and to provide them with the resources and support they need to address the most pressing issues in healthcare. Our approach is founded upon the principles of holistic wellness and combines cutting-edge industry disruption technology, innovative business strategies, and a supportive community to help physicians achieve their full potential and make a lasting impact.



Empowering physicians for personal and business growth, transformative leadership, and community impact, with a focus on spiritual development and legacy. We bridge generations of physicians to guide and impact public health by integrating ancient wisdom with modern medicine, creating a network of physician leaders, and supporting local agriculture.

Our passion is to impact public health by guiding and empowering physicians to lead and make a difference. Through utilizing ancient wisdom and incorporating it into modern medicine, we aim to bring the human element back into healthcare and create a lasting impact.

We believe in the potential of the physician community and aim to cultivate physician skills and abilities to drive positive change in their local communities.

By fostering strong relationships with non-profits, educational institutions, and public health organizations, we strive to create a network of physician leaders who will revolutionize healthcare.

Our focus on virtual accessibility and supporting small businesses and local agriculture will help reconnect food and culture to the foundation of healing. Join us in our efforts to make a difference in the statistics of public health.

Our Core Values

Our Core Values Define Our Culture

At the Physician Transformation Institute, our company culture is built on a foundation of core values and a commitment to fostering a positive, supportive environment for all members. 

We believe that when individuals feel valued, respected, and empowered, they are better equipped to make a positive impact in their lives, careers, and communities. 

Our core values, which include authenticity, engaged and effective communication, clarity, building honest and open relationships, humility, and self-care, serve as guiding principles for all members as they navigate their personal and professional journeys. 

Through our commitment to these values, we strive to create a culture that supports and encourages growth, collaboration, and fulfillment for all members.

Core Value 1: Be Authentic 

This core value encourages members to be their authentic selves and to lead with honesty and transparency in all aspects of their lives. By being authentic, members can foster genuine relationships with others and make a positive impact in the world around them. 

At the Physician Transformation Institute, we believe that embracing authenticity leads to positive outcomes and helps individuals reach their full potential.

Embrace and demonstrate your true self, both personally and professionally, with integrity and transparency. Live with honesty and transparency, and cultivate genuine relationships with others by being authentic and true to yourself.

Core Value 2: Engage and Communicate 

This value emphasizes the importance of actively participating in open and honest communication with others, in order to foster healthy relationships and drive positive outcomes. 

Members are encouraged to engage in meaningful dialogue with their peers. Members who embrace this core value actively seek out opportunities to connect with colleagues, program participants, and stakeholders, sharing our thoughts and ideas in a supportive atmosphere.

We take the time to listen deeply, understand perspectives, and effectively communicate ideas, goals, and feedback. This approach fosters a positive work environment, strengthens relationships, and drives impactful outcomes for the program and our participants.

Core Value 3 - We build honest and open relationships. 

Honestly and integrity creates trust. Trust is at the root of all powerful relationships. We recruit and grow teams to allow us to scale as a company. Keeping honest and open relationships enables us to maintain healthy connections as a community.

Core Value 4: We Pursue Clarity

At the Physician Transformation Institute, we believe that clarity is key to achieving our desired outcomes. Whether it's in our personal or professional lives, having a clear understanding of what we want to accomplish and how we plan to get there is crucial to our success.

This value places a strong emphasis on results and achieving positive outcomes. We believe that our actions and decisions should be guided by the impact they will have, and that success is best represented by the measurable positive change we bring to the world. 

For example, members of the Physician Transformation Institute are encouraged to set SMART goals, track progress, and evaluate our impact.

By focusing on outcomes, we are able to utilize clarity to drive change and bring about meaningful and lasting improvements for our members, communities, and the world.

Core Value 5: We Practice Humility

At the Physician Transformation Institute, we believe in approaching all situations with humility. This means acknowledging and embracing our limitations and being open to learning from others. It also means recognizing the value and importance of teamwork and collaboration.

With a humble attitude, we create a supportive and inclusive environment where everyone feels valued and heard. This helps us to build strong relationships, solve problems effectively, and drive positive outcomes for our participants.

By fostering a culture of humility, we can gain new perspectives from each other, adapt to changing circumstances, and achieve our mission of transforming the lives of physicians and communities.

Core Value 6: We Practice Self-Care

Self-care is critical for success and well-being. By prioritizing and regularly engaging in self-care activities, we maintain a positive and healthy mindset, which allows us to maintain vibrance and health.

Only then can we perform at our highest level and contribute to the success of the Physician Transformation Institute. 

This core value encourages us to be mindful of our physical, emotional, and mental well-being, and to make self-care a regular part of our daily routine.