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Explore The Life Formula: Your AI-Powered Guide to Self-Discovery

The Life Formula, created by our executive director, offers a unique approach to exploring your life's patterns and decisions. As an AI chatbot powered by OpenAi, it combines the wisdom of '5 Whys' analysis and Ishikawa diagram strategies with a compassionate conversational style. This tool is designed to assist in self-reflection and personal growth. Please be mindful that The Life Formula is not a confidential platform and avoid sharing sensitive personal information during your sessions.

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Simple Tactics to Balance Work, Marriage, Money, and Relationships.

ūüé߬†23¬†guided videos | Up to 23 CME Credits

Mind Engineering for Healthcare Professionals with Health Luminary

ūüé߬†53 min¬†video | Up to 1 CME Credit

Do's and Don'ts:¬†Lessons From A High Risk Lawyer‚Äč

ūüé߬†60¬†min¬†video | Up to 1 CME Credit

Fundamentals Of Scaling Medical Practices And Retiring Gracefully‚Äč

ūüé߬†48¬†min¬†video | Up to 1 CME Credit

Physician Executive Coaching for Doctors In Leadership Positions
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Origin Story


The creation of the Physician Transformation Institute was driven by an urgent need to address the disturbing reality of a healthcare system that is failing those who work within it. 

  • 2 out of every 3 physicians are burned out

  • 55% of healthcare professionals¬†plan to leave the field by 2025

  • An estimated¬†1 physician takes their life every day.

 The current healthcare system leaves over 80% of doctors dissatisfied, while discussions of mental health remain stigmatized. Doctors are underrepresented in positions of influence within medical systems and among companies developing disruptive medical technologies.

This is not the system we signed up for. 

We were meant for more. 

We must take action to transform the status quo and provide doctors with the resources, training, and support we need to thrive, both personally and professionally.

Our Mission


We empower physicians for personal and business growth, transformative leadership, and community impact, with a focus on spiritual development and legacy.

We bridge generations of physicians to guide and impact public health by integrating ancient wisdom with modern medicine, creating a network of leaders, and supporting physician-driven technological development.

Our passion is to impact public health by guiding and empowering physicians to lead and make a difference.

Through utilizing ancient wisdom and incorporating it into modern medicine, we aim to bring the human element back into healthcare and create a lasting impact.

We believe in the potential of the physician community and aim to cultivate skills and abilities to drive positive change in their local communities.

By fostering strong relationships with non-profits, educational institutions, and public health organizations, we strive to create a network of leaders who will revolutionize healthcare.

Join us in our efforts to make a cultural shift in the healthcare community!


Burnout is the delta between our identity and our perceived reality. Only by unboxing ourselves, can we take the first step towards bridging that delta and unlocking the boundless potential that lies within.

Cheng Ruan, MD

Executive Director

Meet the board members of the Physician Transformation Institute

Cheng Ruan, MD

Visionary. Houston, TX

As the founder of the Texas Center for Lifestyle Medicine, he is a visionary in integrating technology, holistic wellness, and internal medicine. His leadership in creating patient-focused, technologically advanced healthcare solutions aims to reshape the future of mental and physical health services.

Diana Ruan, MD

Congregator. New York City, NY

Currently a diagnostic and interventional radiology resident, she combines compassion and out-of-the-box thinking in her healthcare approach. Focused on inspiring physicians, she champions a healthcare renaissance, nurturing an environment where medical professionals innovate and thrive.

John Kelley, MD

Connector. Colorado Springs,  Colorado

He advocates for a healthcare evolution with a focus on holistic, individualized care for his patients. His vision is to transform healthcare into a system that adapts to each person's unique needs.

Ravi Hariprasad, MD, MPH

Tech and A.I. Sacramento, California

A psychiatrist and tech-in-healthcare innovator, he leads Intuitive Mental Health, melding AI with holistic approaches to advance mental health care. His diverse experience drives his mission to personalize healthcare through technology.

Nelson Valena, MD

Spiritual Integration. Houston, TX

He is a PM&R brain injury specialist, and the founder of the Sacred Health Council after a life-altering stroke transformed his approach to healing. With a background in a medical family, his journey led him to integrate ancient spiritual practices with modern medicine, emphasizing the importance of addressing the energetic and spiritual dimensions of health. Nelson is dedicated to bridging the gap between conventional and alternative therapies to provide holistic healing.

Daniel Amen, MD

Neuroplasticity. Costa Mesa, CA

As a renowned psychiatrist, brain health expert, and prolific author, he plays a pivotal role at the Physician Transformation Institute. With a distinguished career that spans multiple roles, including clinician, researcher, and educator, Dr. Amen's holistic approach, grounded in cutting-edge science and practical lifestyle changes, aims to restore physicians' passion for medicine and enhance their overall quality of life.

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