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How A.I. & Sprituality Changes The Practice of Medicine - Cheng Ruan MD & John Kelley MD

Season #1

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In this illuminating discussion between Cheng Ruan, MD and John Kelley, MD, we dive deep into the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in healthcare. Covering a spectrum of topics from the personal to the professional, the dialogue explores the unexpected spiritual connection with AI, the evolving doctor-patient relationship, and the potential of AI to reshape the future of medicine.

Addressing pressing issues like medical burnout and the impact of technology on residency, the conversation shifts towards the hopeful, highlighting the role of the Physician Transformation Institute in guiding healthcare professionals towards a more holistic, collaborative, and empowered future.

Whether you're a healthcare professional, tech enthusiast, or simply curious about the nexus of AI and medicine, this conversation offers profound insights into the heart of modern medicine and its trajectory.

Join us for this enlightening journey and discover how AI could redefine the essence of being a physician in the 21st century.


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