Dr. Nelson Valena, MD invites you to the inaugural gathering of the Sacred Health Council for ancient spiritual wisdom stewards and modern medicine leaders to co-create and experience the new health paradigm. Join us on sacred land at Golden Hill Retreat Center for profound spiritual elevation, transformation and connection.

July 13, 2024

8:30AM - 9:30PM

Golden Hill Retreat Center, Coldspring, TX 

Up to 8 Self Reflective CME AMA PRA Category 1 CME Credit Hours | CE credits for  Dentists, Nurses, and Physician Associates also apply.


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When is it?

Saturday, July 13th

Join us for a profound journey of sacred ceremony and celebration, spanning 13 transformative hours from 8:30 AM to 9:30 PM.


Who Is It For?

This gathering is designed for visionary healers, pioneering medical professionals, and passionate seekers ready to unite, elevate and amplify their impact through the synergy of ancient spiritual wisdom and modern medicine.

If you want to walk away with concrete, actionable outcomes to take your practice to the next level with a strong, diverse healing community, then this is for you.

  • Medical Professionals: If you are a doctor, nurse, therapist, or healthcare provider open to integrating spiritual and energetic healing into your practice, this council will bridge the gap between conventional medicine and holistic approaches.
  • Holistic Practitioners: Are you a healer dedicated to the well-being of others, seeking new methods to elevate your practice? This event is for you to expand your toolkit with ancient and modern healing techniques.
  • Seekers of Truth and Healing: Are you on a journey to deepen your connection with your inner wisdom and true purpose? Join us to explore the spiritual and energetic dimensions of healing.
  • Those at a Crossroads: If you feel called to something greater but are unsure of your path, this event will provide clarity, inspiration, and the support of a like-minded community.



Our time to fulfill the Eagle & Condor Prophecy, the coming together of ancient wisdom across the Americas to usher in a new era of harmony and oneness, healing of the land and people, has come.

We call together a sacred congregation of the native Elders, who are stewards of ancient spiritual traditions, and modern healthcare professionals to foster a world that integrates, for the first time in thousands of years, profound spiritual elevation, harmonious technological applications, collective transformation, and connection.

Our call for sacred gathering is grounded in our humble understanding of the Hopi Prophecy. The prophecy envisions a harmonious world in which sacred spiritual traditions, grounded in Oneness, and material/technological advancements synergize so that each human being lives peacefully in direct connection with the Great Spirit and Mother Earth.



Nestled in the deep green forests by beautiful Lake Livingston, just north of Houston, TX, Golden Hill Retreat Center is a collaboration between Nelson Valena, MD, and Jason Anderson. This sacred space invites healers from all traditions to share their wisdom and help individuals discover their inner healer. Perched at the highest point in the county, on land once used for Native American ceremonies, Golden Hill radiates powerful restorative energy and spiritual significance.

Curated with love and energetically activated, the center fosters multigenerational gatherings, sharing of global sacred practices, and deep introspection. Surrounded by untouched natural beauty, Golden Hill offers a sanctuary for profound healing, connection, and elevated consciousness. Every aspect is designed to connect you with yourself, others, Mother Nature, and the Universe. Step onto this sacred land and experience the embrace of ancient wisdom and the tranquility of nature, guiding you towards unity and transformation.

Themes & Activities:

The themes of the gathering include holistic integration, spiritual awakening, and communal healing. Activities are designed to foster deep connection, elevate consciousness, and amplify the impact of each participant. Through heart-centered sharing circles, workshops on biological medicine, transformative breathwork, the integration of AI with spirituality, and sound therapy sessions, gatherers will explore and experience the profound potential of holistic practices. The day will culminate in a sacred cacao ceremony, creating a unified, spiritually connected community. The intention behind these themes and activities is to provide a sanctuary for profound healing, connection, and elevation, guiding participants towards a new paradigm of health and well-being where ancient wisdom and modern science unite.


Right now, you may feel disconnected from your deeper calling, overwhelmed by the limitations of conventional health practices, or feel wonderful in alignment and are seeking to accelerate and elevate your journey. After joining the council you will leave feeling profoundly connected, spiritually awakened, and empowered with new knowledge and practices to integrate into your life and ecosystem. You will have formed lasting bonds with like-spirited individuals, gained a holistic experience of health that incorporates both ancient wisdom and modern science, and will feel a deep sense of alignment with your true purpose. This transformative gathering will elevate not only your experience of life, but also those of your loved ones and others in your beautiful ecosystem.

You will walk away with

- a new, elevated community with which to co-create new projects and practices

- an AI assistant grounded in your values, knowledge and experience

- a comprehensive business course that will guide to you generating many times more your current revenue while being your authentic self.

- and more!

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The Call to Unity

From your hosts, Dr. Nelson Valena & Denise Damijo

The time is now for us to come together in unity to transform how we heal ourselves and each other. We can no longer operate in silos and expect change to happen. We must be the change, and together, we are more powerful. Each of us holds a piece of the puzzle, and without all the pieces, we will not be truly whole. This is a reflection of our inner world and our outer reality.

We invite practitioners from all backgrounds to share sacred space and foster communication across the healing continuum. Whether you are an allopathic physician, functional medicine practitioner, nurse, chiropractor, pharmacist, therapist, health coach, nutritionist, paramedic, naturopath, TCM practitioner, Ayurvedic healer, energy worker, shamanic practitioner, medical hypnotist, or plant medicine practitioner, this event is for you. Let's come together to understand each other's practices and explore how we can collaborate. This will be a wonderful opportunity to experience different practices first hand and meet new co-creators.

We look forward to the gathering of OUR TRIBE!

Join us now!

A Day of Transformation


Morning Arrival on Sacred Land - 8:30AM

Feel the serene energy as you arrive at Golden Hill, a retreat center known for its healing properties and spiritual significance. This land, once used by Native American tribes for healing ceremonies, continues to be a powerful vortex of restorative energy. Golden Hill is the highest point in the county, a place where the sky meets the earth, offering a unique connection to the natural and spiritual worlds.

As you step onto this sacred ground, you’ll be embraced by the calming presence of the ancestors and the natural beauty that surrounds you. Many have felt a profound sense of calm and connection here, describing it as a portal for healing and transformation.

Our Offerings 9:00AM - 9:30PM

The Four Directions, Seasons, and Elements

In Native American culture, the four directions‚ÄĒEast, South, West, and North‚ÄĒalong with the four seasons, elements, and stages of life, hold profound spiritual significance. Each direction represents a different stage of life, a season, and an element, embodying unique energies and teachings. East signifies new beginnings and spring; South represents growth and summer; West symbolizes introspection and autumn; and North denotes wisdom and winter. These elements and stages guide our journey, offering balance, harmony, and connection to the natural world.

East - Spring - Fire: Beginnings and New Growth

  • Grounding and Connection: Connect with the powerful energies of Golden Hill, preparing yourself for a day of profound transformation. Just as the East signifies new beginnings, this is the start of your transformative experience.
  • Opening and Sharing Circle: Join a heart-centered circle to set powerful intentions and connect deeply with like-minded souls. Experience the fresh, inspiring energy of the East as we start this journey together.

South - Summer - Air: Growth and Expansion

  • 12D SomatIQ Breathwork with Meera Jain: Experience a transformative breathwork session that harmonizes your entire being and unlocks your full potential, reflecting the expansive energy of summer and the element of air.
  • AI, Spirituality, and Simplicity in Life and Business with Dr. Cheng Ruan: Explore the revolutionary integration of AI and spirituality to enhance personal and professional life, mirroring the innovative and dynamic energy of summer and the lightness of air.

West - Autumn - Water: Introspection and Healing

  • Sound Therapy with Holly Celestine: Immerse yourself in vibrational healing to rebalance your energy field and align your mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Reflect on the introspective and healing energy of autumn and the fluidity of water.
  • Biological Medicine with Dr. Richa Joy: Discover the integration of cutting-edge science and ancient wisdom to awaken your body's natural healing processes. Embrace the nurturing and healing energy of autumn and the flowing element of water.
  • Lunch and Dinner: Nourish your body with wholesome food while engaging in intentional, heart-centered networking. This communal setting reflects the nurturing and healing energy of autumn and the sustaining nature of water.

North - Winter - Earth: Wisdom and Completion

  • The Closing Ceremony
    • Cacao Ceremony with Mayra Leal: Join a sacred cacao ceremony led by Mayra Leal, designed to open your heart and deepen your spiritual connection. This profound ritual will serve as your induction into the council and the greater PTI ecosystem, co-creating a space of unity and spiritual awakening, grounding your experience like the solid Earth of the North.
    • Sacred Drum Circle and Fire Ceremony: Participate in a communal drum circle and fire ceremony, facilitated by Bonnie and your hosts, Nelson and Denise, celebrating the vibrant and communal spirit of new beginnings and the energetic element of fire. We will dance to sacred rhythm and song, connecting spirit, mind, body, and heart.
    • Closing Circle- the call for Unity, Gratitude & Release: Reflect on the day's transformative experiences in a supportive community setting led by Bonnie, Nelson, and Denise. Share your insights and discuss the future of integrating ancient wisdom with modern healthcare practices, envisioning a new paradigm of holistic wellness. This encapsulates the completion and wisdom of the North.

Join us in this Sacred Health Council to experience these transformative offerings designed to elevate our consciousness, deepen our connections, and amplify our impact on the world.

Meet Your Hosts:

Nelson Valena, MD


Hi, I'm Nelson, a PM&R brain injury specialist. My journey to calling together the Sacred Health Council is deeply personal and has been a testament to the transformative power of integrating ancient spiritual and modern medicine healing methods. Ten years ago, I experienced a life-altering stroke that set me on a path to understand the deeper aspects of healing.

Growing up in a medical family, I was constantly surrounded by the hustle and stress of the healthcare world. Both of my parents are physicians, and it seemed like my path was set: busy days, long hours, and a relentless drive to meet external expectations. I was always going, going, going, and it never felt like enough. Then, I had a stroke, and it was my wake-up call. It made me question everything and led me to explore energy medicine, shamanism, and other alternative therapies.

As a brain injury physician, I realized that the spiritual and energetic dimensions were missing from conventional medical practice. Over about ten years, I explored various alternative therapies, including energy medicine, shamanism, and energy psychology. I found that the things I learned in medical school and the traditional healthcare model often do not address the energetic and spiritual aspects of healing. I became very interested in how we, as healthcare providers, can integrate these aspects and change the way we view and provide healing.

About ten years ago, when I had the stroke, it made me think deeply about what my life was trying to tell me. I realized that many things in my life were not in alignment. This led me to explore what I am truly supposed to do. I understood that part of the reason for my stroke and my suffering was that I was not on the right path. I had to figure out, through trial and error, what the right path is. I realized that I was missing a lot of information because I wasn't really listening to my internal world, my intuition, and the senses and messages that my body and subconscious were trying to tell me.

It became apparent to me that this is a common problem in many people's journeys. They have never been taught or encouraged to listen to their inner world. Ancient traditions like shamanic practices, Chinese medicine, and Ayurveda have long understood the importance of the spiritual and energetic components of healing. These traditions emphasize that true healing encompasses the body, mind, and spirit.

I believe that I was pushed here at this time on Earth because it is my role as a healthcare professional to bridge the gap and introduce some of these alternative healing methods to more and more people. To me, this feels like a life mission, a soul mission that I am meant to fulfill in this lifetime.

Denise Damijo

Seer & Shaman

Hello, I’m Denise, Founder and CEO of The Shamanic Group, a student of Shamanism and a full-time student on the journey to get her PhD in Mind, Body, and Medicine, specializing in Psychophysiology and Contemplative End of Life Care. I am so excited and honored to co-create the Sacred Health Council because I too felt a personal calling to do this work. Ever since I was a child, I desired for people to be whole. Some people may have thought that to be strange because I was the one in 11 different homes in foster care from the time, I was 8 months old until I was emancipated at 18. But I was more concerned with others than myself. Because of my spiritual sensitivity, I was always seeing and feeling people’s pain and had a deep calling to do something about it. For many years, I felt like I was surrounded by the powerful but I was powerless and voiceless. 
Consistently overlooked and disregarded, I began my spiritual journey of looking inward. Asking questions to who I later realized was my spirit team. I had the honor since I was five years old of being shown things that helped me to understand the ways of this world and the people in it. Over the years my spiritual gifts developed and my connection to nature grew too.
When I came to realize that I was a Seer and Shaman, a lot of things in my life made sense but I still tried to run from the responsibility. Being called to such great responsibility when I was a hermit/recluse was not what I desired to do. Fortunately, being initiated by the Q`ero people, and having consistent dreams of confirmation, as well as; other spiritual leaders and Shamans in different communities confirmed to me that I was a Shaman. It was a turning point for me when one of my spiritual teachers told me that I should be honored and embrace this calling because I was also a bridge. Slowly, I began to accept and embrace my calling.
Shortly after I went through a near-death experience where I was on 5 quarts of oxygen 24/7, I developed pulmonary hypertension, went into respiratory and heart failure, and had only 1% blood flow to my right lung before having life-saving surgery. During this surgery, both of my lungs and heart were on a bypass machine for 11-12 hours and my heart stopped multiple times. Upon getting off the ventilator and waking up from that experience, I knew that without both my Shamanic spiritual beliefs and practices as well as, the allopathic health professionals who cared enough to investigate and help me regain my health, I would not be here. 
I specialize in spiritual bloodlines and giftings helping people to align with their divine and most fulfilling path. I am dedicated to helping bring more wellness and wholeness to people and the world. This is something that needs to be done together. We all are pieces to a bigger puzzle and if one piece is missing the puzzle would not be complete. 

Why attend?

Ground & Elevate: The Sacred Health Council is not an event‚ÄĒit is a profound journey of transformation. By showing up in your full presence, you¬†step¬†into a powerful space where ancient wisdom and modern medicine converge, offering you a unique opportunity to elevate your practice and amplify your impact on the world.

  • Transform Your Practice: Discover innovative techniques and holistic practices that will revolutionize your approach to health and wellness. Gain practical tools that integrate cutting-edge science with ancient healing traditions, enabling you to provide deeper, more effective care for yourself and others.

  • Connect with Visionary Healers: Surround yourself with a community of like-minded individuals who share your passion for holistic health. Forge meaningful connections, exchange insights, and build a supportive network that will inspire and sustain you long after the event ends.

  • Experience Profound Healing: Immerse yourself in transformative sessions led by expert practitioners. From sound therapy and breathwork to biological medicine and sacred ceremonies, each activity is designed to help you release stagnant energies, awaken your inner healer, and align with your highest potential.

  • Elevate Your Consciousness: Engage in practices that expand your mind, purify your body, and elevate your spirit. Through guided meditations, energy work, and integrative therapies, you'll deepen your connection with yourself, others, and the universal energies that surround us.

  • Amplify Your Impact: Learn how to harness the synergistic power of combined healing modalities to create lasting change in your life and the lives of those you touch. This event will empower you to be a catalyst for transformation, embodying the true essence of holistic health.

  • Rediscover Your True Self: Step away from the noise and distractions of everyday life and reconnect with your inner wisdom. Ground & Elevate provides a sacred space for introspection and self-discovery, helping you remember who you truly are and what you are capable of.

Join us at Ground & Elevate: The Sacred Health Council and embark on a journey that will transform your approach to healing, elevate your consciousness, and amplify your impact on the world. This is your moment to step into your power and embrace the infinite possibilities of holistic health.

  Is this right for me?


  • Do you feel¬†a disconnect between your professional life and your deeper calling?¬†
  • Do you crave a community of like-minded individuals who understand and support your journey?
  • Are you open to exploring the integration of ancient wisdom and modern science in healing?
  • Do you seek personal transformation and a deeper connection with your soul's mission?
  • Have you experienced burnout or frustration in the current healthcare model?
  • Are you curious about alternative healing methods but unsure where to start?
  • Do you feel an inner urge to be part of a movement that transcends traditional boundaries in healthcare?
  • Are you longing for a space where your unique healing gifts are valued and celebrated?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, the Sacred Health Council gathering is your portal to a new way of being. This event will not only expand your professional horizons but also transform your personal life, amplifying your alighment with your true purpose.



Mayra Leal 


Holistic Health Coach, Cacao Ceremony Practitioner, Yoga Teacher, Breathwork Practitioner

Founder of Madre Tierra Wellness Farm and Rooted Love Cacao

Mayra Leal is a certified holistic health coach, yoga teacher, breathwork practitioner, and founder of Madre Tierra Wellness Farm in Livingston, TX, and Rooted Love Cacao. Creator of the "Expand" intuitive wellness coaching program, Mayra has dedicated her life to guiding others on their journey to holistic health and self-discovery.

Her own healing journey began in 2014 when she said 'yes' to drug and alcohol recovery, leading her to a profound understanding of the human condition. Through this journey, Mayra has remembered her true essence as a divine, magical, and powerful co-creator. She passionately believes that mind, body, and soul healing is possible, and that our bodies possess all the tools and answers within to live a more full and authentic life.

Mayra's mission is to inspire others to step into their most authentic expression by expanding the mind and purifying the body of stagnant energies, aligning with our soul's deepest calling. As Ram Dass famously said, "We're all just walking each other home." Mayra embodies this philosophy, helping others find their way back home to themselves.

At our gathering, Mayra will lead a sacred cacao ceremony, creating a heart-opening experience that fosters deep connection, unity, and spiritual awakening. Her sessions are designed to help participants tap into their inner wisdom and embrace their true selves.

Bonnie Divina Maa, RN, CCRN, E-RYT 500 


Practitioner of Energy Medicine, Certified Advanced Kambo Practitioner, Ceremonialist, Ascension & Integration Specialist


Founder of Madre Divinia Intuitive Healing


In her work, Bonnie helps people clear ancestral patterns, resolve traumas, and transform old programming through ancient shamanic practices and her intuitive gift of multi-dimensional healing. With over twenty-five years of experience in the healing profession and the grace to have sat at the feet of many enlightened masters, Bonnie brings a unique blend of expertise to her practice. Her background in critical care, combined with her work in the shamanic realm, allows her to hold immense space for those who have suffered trauma so true healing can take place. She also guides those who have healed extensively to expand into even higher vibrations and more enlightened ways of Being. By accessing the intuitive wisdom that we all have, Bonnie helps you transmute old patterns, move stagnant energy, and access higher realms. Her technique is subtle, profound, and highly effective.

Bonnie has been initiated by the Q'ero shamans in Andean shamanism and has extensive experience in plant medicine work. She began her study of plant power in 1998 with herbalism and aromatherapy and deepened her practice in 2018 through plant dieting. Bonnie works with a variety of sacred plant medicines, including ayahuasca, kambo, huachuma, bufo, coca leaf, sananga, mapacho, psilocybin, tobacco, cacao, and rapé. She has spent significant time in the jungles and mountains of Peru, learning from various shamans, medicine women, and practitioners. Bonnie's plant medicine work is integral to her healing practice, helping individuals clear, rebalance, and connect to their divine energy.

At Ground & Elevate: The Sacred Health Council, Bonnie will assist during the cacao ceremony with Mayra Leal, cultivating the fire and bringing her deep experience with plant medicine and shamanic practices to create a sacred space for heart-opening and spiritual connection. You will experience the profound effects of her guidance, accessing higher realms, transmuting old patterns, and returning to wholeness. Together, you will accelerate your healing, rewire old programs, and reconnect with joy, helping you remember who you truly are. When we start feeling, we start healing.

Discover more about Bonnie Divina Maa and her transformative work by visiting Madre Divina Intuitive Healing.

Join her at this gathering and experience the profound impact of her spiritual guidance and healing practices.

Meera Jain, BS, DPS 

Personal Transformation Specialist, Hypnotherapist and Healer Extraordinaire 

Meera Jain is a powerhouse in mental wellness and personal transformation, integrating a unique blend of hypnotherapy and holistic healing to help you unlock your full potential and live your most authentic life. Her work cuts through surface-level symptoms to resolve the root cause rapidly and effectively, transforming anxieties into freedom and joy.

With 30 years of extensive training in holistic therapies, including reiki, shamanism, hypnotherapy, and breathwork, and over 20 years of experience working with clients, Meera has helped resolve a myriad of challenges from stress, anxiety, and trauma to fear, anger, shame, guilt, and self-doubt. Her background as an Assistant Clinical Psychologist in mental health for the National Health Service in Oxford, UK, provides her with a solid foundation in mental health and psychology.

Meera’s approach synthesizes hypnotherapy, neuroscience, intuition, energy medicine, and breathwork with archetypal, depth, and transpersonal psychotherapies to facilitate deep, powerful transformations that transcend all limitations.

At our gathering, she will guide a 12D SomatIQ Breathwork session, helping participants harmonize their body, mind, and spirit, releasing tension and unlocking inner peace.

Richa Joy, MD

Biological Medicine Pioneer

Founder & Medical Director of Minerva Clinic

Dr. Richa Joy Gundlapalli, MD, ABIHM, AFMCP is a Board-Certified Integrative Practitioner with expertise in biological medicine, combining cutting-edge science with ancient healing wisdom. With a deep understanding of Bio Energetics, she integrates Acupuncture, Ayurveda, and Mind-Body modalities into her holistic practice. Her approach focuses on stimulating the body’s innate healing abilities, addressing the root causes of illness, and promoting overall wellness.

Dr. Joy's professional journey includes extensive training in both conventional and alternative medicine. She studied Family Medicine & Pediatrics at the University of Illinois, Chicago, where she served as Chief Resident. She completed her certification from the Institute of Functional Medicine and received Advanced Nutrient Therapy training for brain health. Additionally, she is certified in Biological Medicine, Bio Energetics, and Energy Medicine.

At our gathering, Dr. Joy will lead a transformative workshop on Biological Medicine. In this session, she will share her unique blend of modern and traditional techniques designed to awaken your body’s natural recovery processes. Participants will gain practical tools to enhance their health and well-being, connecting more deeply with their body's innate healing potential.

Cheng Ruan, MD

Meet Dr. Ruan, a visionary in the field of integrative health. As a board-certified internal medicine physician, international speaker, and CEO of Texas Center for Lifestyle Medicine, Dr. Ruan is dedicated to helping physicians thrive in their practice without burnout. He is the author of the highly-anticipated book, "A Doctor's Guide to Thrive in Integrative Medicine: Secrets to a Successful Practice Without Burnout."
Dr. Ruan has first-hand experience with the struggles of burnout and mental health issues in the medical field. He recognized the effects of his own inherited family traumas and made the decision to pivot his career towards integrative health. As the founder of Integrative Practice Builder, he assists doctors to developing insurance-based integrative health businesses. He also consults for medtech companies in go-to-market strategies, strategic marketing, company culture production, as well as population health outcome delivery. His LinkedIn Newsletter: Rebuilding Healthcare is a strategic play by play on how to change healthcare systems within in United States for optimal delivery of health in the United States.
As one of the most sought-after speakers in the world, Dr. Ruan teaches his expertise on topics such as physician burnout, team leadership, curating company culture, scaling doctor-run businesses, the growth mindset, and applications of artificial intelligence medtech to the advancement of clinical practice. He is also the creator of the Physician's Growth Community, a virtual doctor's lounge focused on creating meaningful conversations with physicians who are focused on growth. Dr. Ruan also works with a national coalition to create more CPT reimbursement codes for lifestyle medicine.
As a father of three girls, a husband to an Ob-Gyn physician, and the son of a mother who practices Traditional Chinese Medicine and a father who is one of the most prolific cardiovascular scientists of the 21st century, Dr. Ruan is a true embodiment of the integration of Western and Eastern medicine. Join Dr. Ruan on a journey to transform your practice and your life. Experience the power of mind-body tactics to thrive in your career without burnout. With Dr. Ruan as your guide, anything is possible.

Holly Celestine 


Sound Therapy Practitioner

Holly Celestine is a Sound Therapy Practitioner on a mission to liberate and activate human potential! In pursuit of avenues that bring the entire body into harmony and balance, she found that sound frequency and vibration play a vital role in the symbiotic connection to our mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Certified in Biofield Tuning, Voice BioAnalysis, Massage Therapy, Usui Reiki Master, and Bodytalk, Holly uses vibrational sound therapy for targeted nervous system relaxation to help people feel relief from their tension and pain.

Holly promotes Energetic Body Awareness and Energy Wellness by tuning up the Energy Field that surrounds your body. Each emotion, organ, and system in the human body has its own keynote frequency that resonates with specific nutrients, minerals, and vibrations required for healthy function. Using a variety of sound therapy tools such as tuning forks, crystals, tingshas, energy work, gongs, singing bowls, and vocal toning, Holly rebalances stagnant or charged information held in your Energy BioField.

At our gathering, Holly will lead a Sound Therapy session, guiding participants through a journey of vibrational healing to activate their deepest potential and align their energies. Experience the profound effects of sound healing and leave feeling lighter, more vibrant, and with sharper mental clarity.

Steph Barrows, BSN, RN 


Holistic Nurse & Medicine Woman

Steph will be joining the musical team and offering her gift of healing songs to the closing ceremony. 

A Message from Steph:

"I have come to know a deep truth - a truth that is within me and woven into all creation. This Divine truth is the framework for all life experience and is the driving force of all evolution. Through our very human nature we seek out this truth, believing that it exists outside of ourselves. These truths have become lost behind our childhood traumas, programs and cultural conditioning, but remain within each of us. With many years of conscious study and healing work, through the use of entheogenic plant medicines and other holistic therapies, I have rediscovered this truth within myself. Through deep contemplative connection with nature and profound understanding and acceptance of our own human nature, we remember the truth that we all carry but have forgotten - that we are already healed!"

As a Holistic Nurse & Medicine Woman, Steph will guide you through the rediscovery of your own nature. With love, peace, joy and acceptance in our hearts, we can all know health and vitality.  

Sebastian Romero 


Certified Breathwork Instructor & Personal Trainer

Born and raised in Colombia, Sebastian is a Certified Breathwork instructor & Personal Trainer with extensive experience in the field. He has been facilitating Breathwork, Drum Circles, Cacao Ceremonies, and other mindful practices in Houston for the past several years. Drums and Live Music have always been a part of his life. His main intention is to continue supporting the community by offering alternative tools to find free expression, peace, relaxation, and a healthier lifestyle in today's world.

Sebastian will be leading the drum circle in the closing ceremony.


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