Group Visit Workshop - Modernize and Simplify with A.I. Tools

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Discover the value and mechanics of group visits in healthcare and learn how to effectively implement them in your practice. This workshop is designed for healthcare professionals, including doctors, nurse practitioners, PAs, health coaches, and administrators who want to effectively use group visits in outpatient practices. 


Physicians, PA, NP: Earn up to 12 CME credits available

In-person workshop. This will not be recorded.

Date: Mar 23-24, 2024
Location: Texas Center for Lifestyle Medicine in Houston, TX

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What You'll Get

  • Live Demo of Group Visits with Real Patients: Get a behind the scenes look at Texas Center for Lifestyle Medicine.
  • Introduction to Group Visits: Explore the history and primary objectives of group visits.
  • Economic Considerations: Understand the financial balance and coding/documentatio.
  • Advantages of Group Visits: Explore the therapeutic benefits and patient-centered approach.
  • Modernizing Group Visis with A.I.: Learn about new CPT changes, AI integration, and documentation norms.
  • Achieving Financial Equilibrium: Maximize efficiency and care through revenue cycle management.
  • Real-world Impact: Discover evidence-backed value and operational insights.
  • Group Visit Formats: Compare and contrast different formats based on your experience, specialty, and patient population.
  • Roles within Group Medical Visits: Define the responsibilities of clinicians, health coaches, administrators, office managers, and patients.
  • Tips for Success: Master operational organization, feedback loops, and technological assistance.
  • Continuing Medical Education Credits: Earn CME credits while enhancing your skills.
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Group visits in healthcare aren't just gatherings; they are transformative experiences, backed by compelling statistics that show improved patient outcomes and enriched medical practice.

-Cheng Ruan, MD

Participate in Live Group Visits with Patients In Real Time

During this workshop, you will have the unique opportunity to witness the magic of group visits unfold in real-time.

As our expert facilitators guide a live demonstration, you'll gain firsthand insight into the dynamics, patient engagement, and transformative potential of group visits, giving you a front-row seat to the future of healthcare.

Create Your Own A.I. Enhanced Approach to Streamline Workflows

As we explore the modernization of group visit documentation, you'll experience the cutting-edge power of AI in action. Witness real-time AI-driven documentation that not only streamlines the process but also enhances individualized patient care. It's a glimpse into the future of healthcare, where technology empowers providers and improves patient outcomes, all happening live during this workshop.

Strategies For "Monday Morning" Execution

Expect no stone left unturned as we share the highs and lows, successes and setbacks that have shaped our path.

We are committed to providing you with a transparent and comprehensive view of our work, ensuring that every question, whether about our successes or our learnings from adversity, is addressed.

We invite you to be a part of this enriching dialogue, where authenticity reigns and insights are plentiful. Leave no room for uncertainty as we collectively illuminate the path forward. Start your Monday morning with a sense of purpose and a commitment to making a positive impact.

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Your Burning Question: "Is this workshop right for me?" 

If you identify with any of the following, this workshop is a definitive 'Yes' for you:

  • Eager Beginners: You're intrigued by the concept of group visits and ready to embark on this journey.
  • Experienced Practitioners: You've facilitated group visits and are looking to deepen your expertise.
  • Claims Navigation: You aim to streamline medical insurance processes and minimize claim denials.
  • Practice Innovators: Whether you're launching a new medical practice or scaling an existing one.
  • Veteran Leaders: You're a seasoned practice owner aspiring to elevate your services.
  • Physical & Virtual Spaces: You manage a brick-and-mortar clinic or an online tele-clinic.
  • Healthcare Administrators: You're focused on enhancing outpatient revenue generation in your health system.
  • Community Advocates: You're committed to improving patient outcomes and serving your community.
  • Healthcare Enthusiasts: Your passion lies in delivering top-notch healthcare.


The Answer: Absolutely, Yes!

This workshop is meticulously designed to lay a robust groundwork for conducting group visits. It's tailored to ensure that patients receive exceptional care, staff are well-prepared and motivated, thereby reducing burnout, and you achieve financial sustainability while serving your community.

Limited Spots Available!


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