Secrets to Scaling Medical Practices Without Burnout

Elevate your medical practice by gaining the necessary business skills to provide comprehensive care to your patients, regardless of medical insurance limitations.

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Our program, Integrative Practice Builder, provides comprehensive on-demand CME courses for doctor entrepreneurs seeking to scale their practice.
Dr. Cheng Ruan created a step-by-step approach designed to help you achieve your first ah-ha moment, while also emphasizing the importance of building meaningful relationships with your patients.
The skills you learn in our program not only enable you to grow your business predictably but also empower you to establish a network of like-minded healthcare professionals.
Please note that this is not a plug-and-play system, and while we cannot guarantee results, we provide you with the tools to be the hero of your own journey.

Upcoming Webinar - Sunday 3/5/2023 8AM Central

  1. Learn best practices for implementing group visits in your practice
  2. Gain insights on how to work with insurance companies to ensure proper reimbursement for group visits
  3. Network with other healthcare professionals and share your experiences and insights
  4. Improve patient care and outcomes in your practice

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Entrepreneur's Collection

Free Online Community

Join our community to be part of meaningful conversations, win challenges, and thrive!

Evolving Medical Insurance & Business

Learn how to maximize revenue, create predictive analytics, and take control of your practice with our online course. Start today!

Operations & Team Leading for Impact

Medical Practice: how to engage your team, delegate strategically, create leaders, and work with a remote workforce.

The Reinvention of Connection

Learn why scheduling can impact burnout in practice. Discover actions to prevent unhappy patients, staff, & doctors

Clone Yourself

For busy doctors: Tactics in micromanagement, perfectionism, delegation, and create a scaling team to reduce burnout in professional and personal life.

Health Coach Integration

Learn how to incorporate health coaches into your clinical practice with our module, covering billing, CPT strategies, team building, and core metrics optimization to help you build a full-scale health coaching team.

Events and Workshops


Transformational Retreat



Billing for Group Visits in Medical Insurance

Date 3/5/2023
Learn the 2023 updates in billing for group visits in medical insurance.


Integrating Neurology, Sleep, and Dental

Date: 4/28/23 - 4/29/23
Sleep Education Consortium 

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